Food Options In And Around IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Entrance, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Now I know it doesn’t make sense to include it in the list if its not a REAL option but hey, it’s free food. And since the one thing hostellers never have enough of is money, we might as well take a moment to thank the mess for being a constant support through the hard times of college. That being said, the mess food of ISM lives up to every expectation of every mess food ever — it sucks. Big time. The ‘brinjal sabji’ has more potato than anything else and you’d be lucky to spot an actual brinjal on your plate. Paneer addicts have now switched to a different sabji which has no paneer. Vegetarians are often found holding onto chicken leg pieces as if they are the luckiest human beings. All in all, the whole point of this list proves the non-existent awesomeness of the mess food.


Main Canteen, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

These heavenly places are the saviours of humankind. This is where you finally have your skipped breakfast because you woke up at 8:03 for a class at 8. The tea at Ramdhani (RD) is like no other and you’re not officially an ISMite until you’ve had the early morning chhole-puri at RD. Amul and the Main Canteen make for the perfect spots to plan for trips that never happen, to meet up for every farewell, job treat ever, to discuss who did worse on their exam that day and to have meaningful discussions that might one day change the world.


Tower Burger, Saddacampus One.O

The main gate to an ISMite was never an actual gate. The main gate is this whole arena where you find anything and everything ranging from chai in clay cups to mouth watering rotisserie chicken from Shawarma street, from birthday cakes and pastries to cheap but delicious parathas and sandwiches from Saddacampus One.O. This is where you grab the gol-gappas or the dosas right after your labs, chugging down your favorite juices at the fruits shop. If you can cross the road without dying and don’t mind a hundred people within a small radius of you, this is the place to be.

Then there are places where you rob your seniors, empty their light pockets, lose your wallets miraculously before they find their way back to your friends and not you, somehow. Bliss, Blackberry, Status, Srishti, Dominos at the only mall and Aranyas, to name a few are not so bad for a quick getaway from college and outdoor food places. And if you are lazy or tired enough to
go out, you can get food delivered at you hostel gates using apps like Saddacampus.

This is when all the food we hoard in our secret locations is finally uncovered in the middle of the night. Though once revealed, you’d be lucky to catch a glimpse or two because our malnourished roommates and friends don’t like to waste a lot of time before they lay their hands on it. It is times like these when ordering food from Saddacampus is somehow the happiest time of the day;
you’re suddenly drooling over mouth-watering dishes with people you rarely talk to.

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